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An emergency kitchen and temporary kitchen hire service throughout the UK

If you need an emergency kitchen or temporary kitchen, you can contact us 24/7.

All of our customers demand different specfications for their temporary kitchens and have differing priorities. However we ensure that each temporary kitchen supplied adheres to all relevant government regulations, food and hygiene regulations as well as the wishes of our clients, professional chefs and catering managers. At the same time they are practical, bright, airy, spacious and equipped to the exact specification of the chefs or catering managers concerned.

Emergency Kitchens recognises that complying with the health and safety at work act 1974 (and regulations made under it) is a legal requirement, not a matter of choice. As such we will carry out a full Health and Safety assessment prior to delivery of your temporary kitchen and provide a H&S and kitchen training program once instalation has been completed with your staff.

What you can expect from us

❯ Temporary kitchens for hire or purchase
❯ Portable building or mobile kitchen trailer
❯ Facilities on your site within 24 hrs
❯ Select equipment
❯ Select format

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